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Playa La Caleta (which means “Beach Cove”) or PLC for short, is an eco-tourism resort with a 100-hectare cove. Located in the municipality of Morong in the province of Bataan, it has a 1-kilometer white sand beach at the front, lush mountain jungle/forest in the middle and 3 waterfalls at the back. On the left side of the cove is also a 1-hectare islet, called Miguelito Island.

PLC accommodations include ocean-view beach cottages & gazebos, air-conditioned beach rooms and camping tents. For day trip guests, picnic tables are available. Outdoor activities include hiking trails, mountain biking, kite flying, beach volleyball, football and badminton. Water sport activities include kayaking, stand-up paddling, 75-foot water slide, snorkeling, cliff jumping, windsurfing, skim boarding, body boarding and surfing. The Scarborough restaurant, Shark bar and Coconut cafe are also available for food & beverage.

PLC advocates sustainable tourism through its monthly beach cleanups, eco-camps, eco-brick program, ban on single use plastic, tree planting, marine turtle, giant clam & resident eagle conservation efforts.

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